Will Paul

(570) 867-2399 • whp3652@rit.eduwill-paul.comgithub.com/dropofwill

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Rochester Institute of Technology

B.S. New Media Interactive Development

Minor in Free and Open Source Software & Immersion in Language Science

Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award

Honors Program, 3.99 GPA

Work Experience

Software Engineer

  • Currently a part of the Software Engineering Development Program

Research Assistant

  • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of professors and graduate students on a multimodal, affective computing project.

  • Worked with human subjects to build a multimodal data set for stress detection.

  • Created a machine learning framework in Python to automatically detect stress in speech.

  • Primary author on two papers, presented at INTERSPEECH 2015 & FAAVSP 2015 and published in the conference proceedings.

  • Designed and developed the website to promote our lab: Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing at RIT

Teaching Assistant

  • Teaching assistant and grader for Interactive Design & Algorithmic Problem Solving II and III.

  • Created and taught a class on using Git for version control.

Software Engineer Intern

  • Worked on an agile scrum team to build a customer facing component of Constant Contact’s email platform.

Web Developer Intern

  • The first 8 months were full time and the remainder were working part time remotely.

  • Led development on a web project that turned a research report into an interactive data visualization.

  • Worked on both the front and backend of Rails and WordPress sites.

  • Conducted user research for two internal applications to design a better user experience.

Project Experience


Predicting Turn Types Competition

Led the development on a team 3 for a Natural Language Processing competition using interview transcript data to classify whether a given ‘turn’ in the dialogue was a question or an answer and whether the topic was of an emotional or a material nature. Achieved 89% averaged accuracy across tasks winning the competition (out of 6 teams).



Even though code is written linearly, it executes in like a graph. Collaborated with another developer to create CGraph: a tool that takes arbitrary C code, generates a function call graph, and creates an interactive visualization of the results side-by-side with the code. Allowing for a more natural way to explore a code base.



Created a Ruby library that allows developers to interact with the TaskWarrior application. Focused on quality end-user documentation and test driven development.

Core Skills

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